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P.A.S. Youth Outdoor skills Building Activity Day

P.A. Systm Tours presents a day of fun and learning for all youth groups across GTHA!

P.A. Systm Tours Youth Team Activity Day.
Group Package Includes the following for a maximum of 44 Youth and 5 Staff:


Potato Sack Race
Outdoor Games

All Activity Days are to be booked at outdoor conservation areas located outside of the GTA.

Available Locations:

  • Albion Hills Conservation – Chalet (Caledon)

  • Rockwood Conservation – Large Pavilion (Guelph)

  • Cold Creek Conservation - Visitor Centre (Nobleton)

  • Christie Lake - Beach II Pavilion (Hamilton)

  • All Locations include Washrooms and roofed area

On the Hwy Coach Bus

  • Transportation for all members on Motor Coach With Access to Washroom, TV’s, on Board.

  • Trivia & Quiz Games will be facilitated on the bus to Conservation sites getting all Youth into Competitive spirits and Teams for the day. (45 Mins to 1H 30Mins drive)

  • Movie of Choice on the Bus drive home as well as Snacks and drinks. 

At the Conservation area

  • Stations A: 4 to 5 pre–Organized game Stations with a Combination of Team building activities.

  • Station B: 4 to 5 pre–Organized game Stations with a Combination of leadership growth activities.

  • Pre divided Teams/ groups for activities (Group of 44 will have 11 Possible teams of 4)

  • 10 Mins per Team Per Activity With 1 – 2 Teams at an Activity at a time. (Keep score or points at each station for each team)

  • Pizza Lunch Break between Station A and B Switch (Teams on Station A will switch to B and vice versa.)

  • Teams Scavenger Hunt or team relay race between the Two overall Groups at Station A and B to “awarding Extra Points to One team” at the end of the day.

  • Small Gift Prizes for everyone in the group.  (Prizes will Very)

  *Prices starting at $1250 per Group or $29 per kid for the day.
Prices will vary based on location, size of group and Activities selected.


Our coordinating team will work together with All Youth Group, Day Camp & Sports Team leaders to create a day planned with activities focused on Team & leadership-building games.

P.A.S. wants to provide Groups with a Quality learning experience that group leaders will look forward to each year and the kids will grow up to remember! 

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